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Catalyst Nonprofit Consulting's mission is to support social innovation in our communities by offering consulting services at affordable pricing.



Catalyst Nonprofit Consulting (CatalystNC) was started as our founder noticed a need for assistance with creating and sustaining nonprofit organizations. As the nonprofit sector is always looking for funding, it seems impossible for some small organizations to get assistance with their incorporation paperwork and IRS filing for tax exemption status with the high prices for consultants. CatalystNC hopes to assist those organizations with guidance through these beginning steps at an exceptionally lower rate than otherwise found for nonprofit consulting. Our vision is to grow the nonprofit sector by offering consulting services at affordable rates.

CatalystNC was created by Joshua Morgan-Sweeney. Mr. Sweeney has always had a presence in the non-profit field. From the age of 12, Joshua has devoted many hours to any cause he came across which drove him to develop skills in nonprofit consulting. With this knowledge, he began assisting local nonprofit organizations in his close network that then branched out to larger networks which finally gave him the idea to start his own organization to be able to help nonprofit entities on a larger scale.

Joshua Sweeney

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